Acceptances 2021
External Acceptances 2021
Smethwick International
Dewy Morning - Peter Jackson
One more push ought to do it - Peter  Jackson
River of Red - Peter Jackson
Queen of the Nile - Peter Jackson
Seeds that fly - First - PAGB Gold Medal - Alison Dean
Red sand beach - MCPF Medal - Alison Dean
Flowers and feathers - Highly Commended - Alison Dean
Bearded iris beauty - MCPF Ribbon - Alison Dean
Work of a Bygone Era - Heather Woodhams
African Beauty - Jo Allan
Ariya 1 - Phil Turner
Autumnal Pathway - Heather Woodhams
Bags and Shoes - Jo Allan
City Icons - Brian Dean
Cloud Break - Heather Woodhams
Crossing - Heather Woodhams
Fjord Farmhouse - Brian Dean
Glowing Birmingham - Phil Turner
Golden Window Light - Phil Turner
Graceful Descent - Jo Allan
Guggenheim details - Brian Dean
Hangar Angles - Heather Woodhams
Head Space - Phil Turner
Holy cross - Alison Dean
Hustle and Bustle - Brian Dean
Liv - Peter Jackson
Locks and Rust - Brian Dean
London skyline - Brian Dean
Nine Locks - Stuart Hancox
Old Man of Stor - Stuart Hancox
Osprey Fishing - Peter Jackson
Portrait in white - Brian Dean
Rainy day bike ride - Alison Dean
Red letter day - Alison Dean
Red Overlook - Brian Dean
Salisbury Cathedral - Brian Dean
Scarface - Pauline Franks
Scissor Arches - Pauline Franks
Sea, Ice and Mountain - John Freeman
Sinuous Bridges - John Freeman
Stoat in Winter Ermine after Kill - John Freeman
Storm Brian - Dave Tomlinson
Tenacity - Brian Dean
Terns in flight - Alison Dean
Time For Tea - Phil Turner
Watkins path - Stuart Hancox
Who's Calling Me - Pauline Franks
Winter Patterns - Heather Woodhams
Clay Cross Open
White Tailed Sea Eagle - Peter Jackson
Southport Open
Princess Claudia - Peter Jackson